Bye bye tenacity!

Wonderful news!

Tenacity is a thing of the past. Now entry into Wintergrasp is being throttled 1:1 which led to some very interesting battles today. I tested this by doing a “/who Wintergrasp” on both horde and alliance (after logging to an alliance toon) and the numbers matched up – 15 from horde and 18 from the alliance. I checked the alliance numbers by logging over to an alliance toon and by then I am sure more horde must have joined so I’ll consider the ratio 1:1.

During the battle the numbers grew to about 35 horde and what seemed like an equal number of alliance. It didn’t seem like the alliance were zerging us with superior numbers like they usually do and Wintergrasp felt different and fresh – more tactical and loaded with opportunities to focus on strategy. I had a lot of fun.

All of a sudden it is better to be on the under populated faction – you can get into Wintergrasp whenever you want instead of having to queue and be told that the queue is full!

We’re also winning WG a lot more (although when you’re rock bottom the only way to go is up) and the horde seems to be revitalized and eager to queue again.

Thank you Blizzard!


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