The Pandaria Arms Warrior

I recently copied my warrior to the Mists beta and I’ve been trying it out. I spent a little time getting my keybinds etc sorted out and then queued for a dungeon as arms (dps). A few minutes later the queue popped and what followed was… a total treat. Such a total blast to play, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Being able to use all my abilities without stance dancing and stance penalties was amazing. My warrior felt light and effortless – more like a samurai than a slow armored juggernaut and I loved it. Arms is supposed to be the class of warriors who are extremely disciplined and skilled in the use of a single 2 handed weapon and it totally feels like it now.

And the numbers… I am sure they’ll be tweaked and adjusted several times before the beta ends but right now Arms hits hard. I was getting 180K executes by lining up my cooldowns. Take a look:

(Sorry about the Boss’s cast bar blocking the numbers somewhat, was too excited playing to hit PrtScr on time!)

With Dragon Roar, Whirlwind, Sweeping Strikes and Cleave all in the toolkit, AOE was no slouch either. Dragon Roar seemed to hit for 48 – 64K depending on procs and buffs and with a 1 minute cooldown, it is an awesome ability to use on packs of mobs. It was especially useful on the last boss when in the add phases, you need to burn down the adds quickly and being able to smash out 55Kish damage on each mob was awesome. That and thunderclap, cleave and whirlwind… sheer bliss!

On the subject of Thunderclap – the glyph of Thunder Strike adds lightning bolts to thunder clap and it looks like this…


Mists is looking like a fantastic time to be a warrior indeed!



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