Giving Battlemasters a shot for RBG fun

Today I am going to try my hand at rated battlegrounds via

The concept is intriguing and I like the idea of a cross realm lounge where you can get groups. As someone who abhors playing on a schedule, I like this idea very much.

They have a decent web based IRC client but the geek in me wanted to use a full featured client like mIRC so I went looking for details on how to connect via mIRC.

It is pretty easy, Battlemasters’ chat is hosted on the network, source:

If you check out that post, you’ll see the web client actually puts extra load on thinstack’s resources as the client technically runs on the server, not completely in your browser. So by connecting using a “thick” client, you’re saving them some capacity.

Digging deeper, the server is, the port is 6667 (SSL is available on port 6697), source:

Posting this here in case someone else wants to use a full IRC client.

I haven’t played a game yet (my kid is still awake!) but will post later on how it went.


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