Eternal Optimism in BGs

Last night I had the pleasure of running a few battlegrounds with my guildies. There were four of us, we queued for randoms four times and we won all four. By all accounts, it was a very entertaining night.

In one of the battlegrounds, we had a healer clad only in a helm, shoulders, chest and gloves along with a weapon and shield. Of course he did not have any gems or enchants either but then item enhancements are not your biggest concerns when you’re missing entire pieces!

He apologized profusely for his gear saying that he’d been hacked. And a few people (as is so typical) candidly expressed their disapproval of his gear. I was not too put off though – we had a healer in our group who was geared decently, I’m overgeared for the typical random battleground. I did find it amusing though that instead of questing, he chose to do BGs to gear up. I suppose if he’d tried to queue for a 5 man, he’d have been booted instantly.

What was amazing was that not only did we manage to hold our own (we won 0/3) but this guy used his cooldowns so efficiently that I was able to repeatedly peel off him and protect him till help came. I think he died maybe one or two times that whole BG. Of course my guilds healers kick ass too. đŸ™‚

At the start of the BG you can see me shouting that I’m going to flag carry. I prefer to be Arms when BGing but switch to prot for Flag Carry maps if there are no other prots around. All too often I find some other person also switching to tank spec at the last second. This annoys me because as prot I’m stuck in the role of an  “irritator” unless I have a flag. And if I’m not going to carry the flag, I’ll have just completely gimped my damage output for nothing.

Anyway, much fun was had in the battlegrounds. This time between expansions is just full of relaxed PVP bliss.


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