Transmog trap

I am geared well for PVP on my warrior. I do not have too much trouble dispatching all but the most persistent healers. This is not to say I’m “leet”, it just means I’ve acquired enough gear to stack the deck in my favor in most random battlegrounds.

So imagine my surprise when the last few battlegrounds I did, I found myself hitting like a wet noodle. It felt like all of a sudden everyone I was fighting was geared like a Blood DK in DS10 heroic tank gear. I wasn’t getting hit hard but I couldn’t hit hard enough to be of much use either. I had been playing alts so I thought it was just because I was out of my groove and in a few games I’d do better.Didn’t happen.

So I started looking around… and had a /facepalm moment.

This is what I should have had equipped:


And this is what I had!


That explained the missing damage nicely!

Note to self: Place transmog gear in bank or void storage as soon as you’re done with it.


8 thoughts on “Transmog trap

  1. theerivs

    I transmogged my healing pvp shield, and hammer to simple models. I forgot what. BTW do you have a mage alt or something. Someone asked a guildie about me, was curious if it was you?

    1. bovinewrath Post author

      Yes, that was me on my mage – Fereshte. The person I spoke to had “riv” in their name and were from your guild so I thought I’d ask.

      I had the green version of this axe transmogged and the nice thing about it is that its glow overwrites enchant glows. So that lets me get rid of the landslide “turds on a stick” graphic.

  2. theerivs

    Ahh ok, yeah I didn’t bring my mage over yet, just my pally. Rivz. I’m usually on wierd times lately cause I’m dealing with some personal stuff right now, but you can find me farming Heroic UP, trying to get a blue proto drake. 🙂

    1. bovinewrath Post author

      I’ll keep an eye out for you. Back in WotLK, I was fairly new to WoW and didn’t know how rare the drake was. I passed on it twice to guildies thinking it was a common drop and it would drop again. Later I found out how rare it was…

  3. Cymre

    LOL! I’ve done that before but usually in raids when I’ve had my chef’s hat on or my kirin tor ring, BT neck or something similar 😛


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