I am a rare spawn!

I’ve been playing my shaman pretty much exclusively the last few days, 74-80 in BGs in just this week. 🙂

So when I logged into my warrior and checked my mail, I saw a note from Navimie saying that she’d been over looking for me. I replied letting her know I’d been on my shaman and then for good measure, I added her to my friend’s list so I’d know if she popped back on.

Today when I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see her on and sent her a tell saying “Navi!”. Thanks to her post on our conversation, I now know I am a rare spawn!

I introduced her to Tacticus/Alamo my friend as well and we took some pictures near the Tol Barad portal in Orgrimmar. I’d wanted to take them in Tol Barad to wish her luck with her Fox Kit hunt but level 2’s can’t get in there. Hopefully she’ll have her Fox Kit before patch 5.0, if not, we can always do it then!

She then logged over to the real Navimie and we met up in Ragefire Chasm for some more pictures.

My ex-tauren blood elf warrior is puny next to these two!

Thank you for dropping by Navi! I am looking forward to running some battlegrounds in the near future!


4 thoughts on “I am a rare spawn!

  1. Navimie

    LOL Ancient! You are too adorable!!!
    And little did we know Thunder, that the wish came true and we ran some BGs and had some awesome sweet runs!


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