Sticking up for the newbies!

Yesterday, I popped into LFR on Thunderspank as DPS. I only have PvE prot gear and my good set is my PvP set. Still, I figured it was more than enough for LFR. I was last in there months ago so I was fresh and cheerful.

I queued for the second half to try and get the 2H sword that everyone keeps raving about.

Zoning in, I don’t even bother to look at my raid frames to see what the tanks and healers are geared like because… I’m all bright eyed and bushy-tailed. This stuff was easy a long time ago. How bad could it be?

I am very quickly schooled.

After this, one of the tanks says “Oh damn! I didn’t know I was queued as a tank…”

Instead of raging, I tried to be helpful.

“Guys, if you’re new here. Ask. I will explain the fight.”

Before I can get a response, a vote kick is initiated and a couple people disappear from the raid.

I persist in offering help. Someone else also pipes up, “If you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, don’t talk to NPCs!”. Someone else politely says “Talking to NPCs starts the encounter. Don’t do it until we have 2 tanks and 5+ healers.”

New tanks join the raid. They have 135 and 143K health. The raid chat becomes hysterical. Fortunately one of the new tanks says “Just a sec, switching gear and spec” and the pitch of the shrieking drops a bit. I and another player are still calling for calm and just a smidgen of patience I get something lobbed at me that I find hilarious:

Oh no! They’re coming for me now!!!

I did not however get kicked. I like to think it was because I was attempting to be a bastion of sense and common sense in the mad bloodlust that LFR can sometimes be. The truth is, it was probably because many who had been silent so far piped up and told everyone to chill out, that this was the trash before the first boss and what the hell was up with all the kicks already.

Skorge the DK of Dentarg was awesome. He was doing very good dps, usually in the top 3 and was extremely defensive of people who had low DPS.

I kept up my mantra of “If you don’t know what to do, ask. I will explain.” and sure enough, the next two tanks that came in, one was a prot warrior who whispered me and said “Here for the first time! New to tanking, any tips? lol” and help him I did. I could only stay for two boss fights but on Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn, I kept a stream of whispers going to him telling him when to taunt, what to watch out for, what was coming up. And he did great. Handled the Ultraxion trash well too. We did not wipe again until I left and by the time I dropped out of the group, people were actually being civil, polite and even friendly with each other.

The mage who was threatening to kick me? He actually started behaving decently too.

I think what you get out of pugs is what you put into it. Yeah I had to do more than just go in there and do my damage rotation, but as with anything in life. Someone has to step up and take the lead in sorting thingsout. Many in there are frustrated and take it out with childish behaviour. There are some who intentionally troll but the number of those who genuinely don’t know what to do and could use help are greater. When I was new to MMO I got a ton of help from strangers. It is nice to be able to pay some small part of it forward.

Fight the good fight and may RNG smile upon thee! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sticking up for the newbies!

  1. Cymre

    I remember zoning into a LFR like that first shot. It was atrocious but I still stayed on my mage. Sometimes it only takes one to turn the tide for the better. Well one! 🙂


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