Be Wevy Qweit, We’re hunting WABBITS!

Yesterday I logged in to my realm to someone asking in trade for more to come help kill the Darkmoon Rabbit. I’d heard about the “wabbit” on twitter and had once gone to see the cave where it spawns too but hadn’t really done any more research beyond that.

So I jumped on the offer. Many others did too and soon we had 35+ people. Six tanks and 4 healers. This wasn’t going to work. So I switched to my priest – Callendula – and went with my discipline spec.

We made our way to the cave. The Wabbit didn’t look too scary.

On closer inspection, he has 174m health. Hrm.

So 174m health. I had 142K health. So he has more than 1000x the health of the typical raid geared 85. Interesting. This sounds like a job for more than a small group!

10:40AM – About to pull

The plan for fighting the bunny is:

1. Stay in the cave, HUG THE BACK WALL.

2. If he fears you, you’ll probably run out of the cave. He’ll charge you and one shot you. Hugging the back wall is extra insurance that you won’t get feared all the way out.

3. If you die (and you will, repeatedly), run back in.

4. I did not tank this but apparently while he’s on you, you can’t really control your movement. So if he takes you out of the cave, you will die.

5. If you’re doing good dps, you will die – right after a tank. 😉 Run back in.

“All he wants is love. Bloody, angry, love.” – raid chat!

Even as a healer, I died a couple of times too. I tried atonement healing but was missing a lot.

There were calls to drop Jeeves in combat. You know that it is an epic fight when you need Jeeves IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT!

We finally got it down.

The bunny went boom at 11:00 AM – 20 minute fight!

The guy who won the rabbit was being offered 100K – 250K for it. 🙂

BTW, you can invite people cross realm via battletags or RealID to join you for the bunny kill. We were lucky to get a full raid very quickly but if you’re struggling to get more to kill the bunny, hitting twitter might help you! 🙂

I wouldn’t recommend trying this without 3 – 4 tanks and 5 – 6 healers. You’ll also need a LOT of dps to burn through the 174m health. Plus he’s level 93 (some said 94?) so not only does he beat the stuffing out of the tanks but dps miss a lot too.

A fun fight, it really put the “WOW” back in “WoW” for me! 🙂

We were all laughing hysterically throughout it all!

As for the respawn timer on the wabbit, I think it is one day based on very limited anecdotal evidence.

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