PvP gearing revisited for Patch 5.0.4 and onward

I came across an excellent post on PVP Power and Resilience today, Eldacar’s Guide to PvP Power and Resilience.

The author does a great analysis of the value of adding resilience and the interplay of PvP Power and Resilience. I strongly recommend reading the entire post.

From the post, at level 90, Eldacar says:

Here is the information I can provide:

-265 PVP Power grants +1% damage/healing

-PVP Power gems grant +320 PVP Power

-Primary stat gems grand +160 of their primary stat

What you need to keep in mind is that PvP Power buffs the effectiveness of your primary stats. Those in turn also buff the usefulness of PvP Power.

At level 85, what I am seeing is:

-80 PvP Power adds 1% damage/0.5% healing in PvP situations (not 100% sure but I’m hearing that PvP Power buffs healing by 50% only)

– PvP Power gems grant +50 PVP Power (Stormy Deepholm Iolite)

– Primary Stat gems add +50 of the primary stat

How much damage does STR add?

I decided to do a very basic test. I went to the lvl 85 target dummies, and started auto-attacking them. I noted my average dps doing nothing but autoattacks for 5 minutes. Then I unequipped one ring to drop my STR and repeated the test. My sample size is small and thus not likely to be very accurate but for the rough estimate I’m looking for, I think its enough.

With 5659 STR I averaged 3746 DPS (white).

With 5392 STR I averaged 3420 DPS (white).

267 STR got me 9.5% extra white damage. That translates to 1.78% white damage from a +50 STR gem AT MY GEAR LEVEL. Granted this is white damage and many of our attacks will scale very differently.

Anyway, if we go up against a target with 60% resilience, we will do 40% of the damage we do against a target dummy.

So against a 60% resilience player, a +50 STR gem is going to give you +0.712% damage.

How much damage does PvP Power add?

I have 2387 PVP Power giving me +30.17% extra damage against PVP players.

This means I get +0.632% damage from a +50 PvP Power gem.

To me this seems to indicate that pure STR is more effective at level 85 than PvP Power. At present I’m fully gemmed into PvP power but if the bug bites me hard enough, I might go back to full +STR and explore that. I don’t have a good baseline for the damage feel difference because the day I reforged into PvP power I also got the 403 Gurthalak. So I didn’t play much with my old cataclysmic weapon post 5.0.4.


The gems we get at level 90 would make PvP Power a more interesting choice since you’d be looking at 160 of a primary stat versus 320 PvP Power from each socket. For 85, if you’re fully gemmed for primary stats, I wouldn’t change them. If you have a new 85 you’re gearing up, then the blue (stormy) gems are likely to be less expensive.

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