I am an altosis afflicted casual WoW player that has aspirations of being at least semi-competent at tanking, dps, healing and PVP. I mostly play on the US-Thrall server as horde.

There is no theme to this blog except for the union of my interests and the world of Azeroth.

I play the following characters:

  1. Thunderspank 85 – Blood Elf Warrior
  2. Thudnblunder 85 – Blood Elf Paladin
  3. Callendula 85 – Blood Elf Priest
  4. Fereshte 85 – Blood Elf Mage
  5. Anasasi 85 – Blood Elf Rogue (see a pattern yet?)
  6. Clawesome 85 – Tauren Druid
  7. Turumti 79 – Troll Hunter
  8. DejaVu 72 – Orc Death Knight
  9. Bijli 66 – Orc Shaman

Yep, raging altosis is right.

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