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Be Wevy Qweit, We’re hunting WABBITS!

Yesterday I logged in to my realm to someone asking in trade for more to come help kill the Darkmoon Rabbit. I’d heard about the “wabbit” on twitter and had once gone to see the cave where it spawns too but hadn’t really done any more research beyond that.

So I jumped on the offer. Many others did too and soon we had 35+ people. Six tanks and 4 healers. This wasn’t going to work. So I switched to my priest – Callendula – and went with my discipline spec.

We made our way to the cave. The Wabbit didn’t look too scary.

On closer inspection, he has 174m health. Hrm.

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The Unhitable Tank

Last night my warlock on Illidan got high enough to queue for LFD and I started running some randoms. I had a fairly uneventful and smooth Wailing Caverns run. I then queued again and got Shadowfang Keep.

So we had a bear tank, a paladin healer, a hunter, a rogue and my warlock.

A round of hellos was exchanged and we got down to business.

From the very first pull, things seemed a little… strange. The very first trash pack… the tank ran to a mob, smacked it and then ran back to the healer. I didn’t think much of it. But then the second mob, up the stairs… he ran up, tagged it, ran over the railing and back to us. Odd… but we took the mob out no problem. This run in, tag, hit the mob and run back to group style of play went on and though as a dot caster I wasn’t too bothered, I could see the rogue getting a bit confused as he was trying to chase the mobs around as the tank bounced all over the room.

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Thunderpunting soundtrack!

Saw links to an awesome Korean pop music video making the rounds on twitter yesterday.

Have to share it here. This is awesome PVP music to thunderpunt to!

Not only does it make me want to play my female orc elemental shaman Bijli to, but it also makes me think of my two male belfs – Thunderspank and Thudnblunder and the trail of mayhem they can leave in a battleground to this music.

And now if you’ll excuse me… EEAAAYYY SEXAYY LAYDAYYY!