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PvP gearing revisited for Patch 5.0.4 and onward

I came across an excellent post on PVP Power and Resilience today, Eldacar’s Guide to PvP Power and Resilience.

The author does a great analysis of the value of adding resilience and the interplay of PvP Power and Resilience. I strongly recommend reading the entire post.

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Be Wevy Qweit, We’re hunting WABBITS!

Yesterday I logged in to my realm to someone asking in trade for more to come help kill the Darkmoon Rabbit. I’d heard about the “wabbit” on twitter and had once gone to see the cave where it spawns too but hadn’t really done any more research beyond that.

So I jumped on the offer. Many others did too and soon we had 35+ people. Six tanks and 4 healers. This wasn’t going to work. So I switched to my priest – Callendula – and went with my discipline spec.

We made our way to the cave. The Wabbit didn’t look too scary.

On closer inspection, he has 174m health. Hrm.

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5.0.4 and PvP gearing

It was a rude surprise for me when I logged in to find my PvP gear nerfed. All the Cataclysmic gear was nerfed from 397 to 384. Having Cataclysmic gear that I had to work for downgraded to raid finder level gear didn’t feel too nice. This is different from Cataclysmic gear becoming easier to get, this is about good gear being nerfed more than half a tier. I was at 153K health unbuffed, and post patch in the same gear I am 138K. My equipped ilvl was 402, it was now down to 389. So all in all, it didn’t feel nice. But what can you do, you have to adapt and roll with it.

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Patch 5.0.4 – Initial thoughs

Patch 5.0.4 is here. I’ve been traveling for work most of this week so I couldn’t really sit down and play to get a feel for it until last night.

Thunderspank the Prot Warrior

First the talents. What I love most about my warrior is his mobility and Double Time was at the top of my list. I also love to intervene, so I took Safeguard. Dragon Roar is also tons of fun, though I’ll probably switch back to shockwave for prot – the shorter cooldown on it is handy and I’ve come to see it as a staple of my trash pickup toolbox. Second Wind is probably more useful for me in PvP so I’ll explore the other two in this tier. And Disrupting Shout sounds very useful but I need to train myself to use it appropriately.

At this point I hadn’t been able to get the blasted glyphs UI to work in game so I queued for a HOT 5man heroic without glyphs.

What a total clusterfuck it was.

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The Mists of Pandaria Cinematic trailer

The Mists trailer launched today. I wasn’t looking forward to it all that much and felt like “I’ll watch it whenever it comes out.” .

So this morning I logged in and went to check it out, and I loved it.

A few hours later, I’m already seeing posts and tweets from people who think that it is too cartoony or that its sexist and I think that’s crazy talk.

When I saw the video, I saw a really well animated and detailed orc and a human land on an island. I then saw them get into a fight and a pandaren intervened. The facial expressions are awesome, you can tell the team making the cinematic had fun with it. The pandaren thrashed both of them and then the excellent voice over during the panorama shot set things up nicely for the expansion. The graphics were top notch, the music rousing and the absence of a big bad boss and focus on exploring a new land and people refreshing.

In a game where a gnome tank can take on a tauren warrior and mages can turn people into sheep, I don’t know how this expansion is cartoony. In fact, the focus on internal conflict, exploration and facing demons of our own creation is more mature themes than we’ve had in the past. Will it take being mauled by a panda for these people to realize that pandas are not care bears? They’re BEARS. Their cousins have been tanking and flag carrying for you for three expansions now. You assume them to be cute and fluffy at your own peril.

And as for sexism in this trailer. I don’t know… I think some people just find what they’re looking for even if it is in no way implied or intended.

I’m male and perhaps I just don’t get it but to me it looks like Blizzard is equally accommodating to both genders. We have male and female quest givers, we have the ability to roll male and female toons. Stats for genders are also identical. I honestly wouldn’t feel any different had a female pandaren beaten the orc and human up. Thing is though, the pandaren is Chen Stormstout. As a “boss” he was going to win the fight. So if you’d had ladies from the alliance and horde take the spotlight, they too would get thrashed. And that opens its own can of worms. While many a feminist will ask for equal opportunity for women in all things, I don’t know many who’ll ask for equal opportunity for getting beaten up by a panda.

And if the trailer didn’t have females, it also didn’t have casters or any of the other races. Should every cinematic be so politically correct that the story they’re trying to tell takes second place?

That would be boring.

Awesome trailer Blizzard. It is just a shame how people can’t appreciate a good thing when its handed to them. From those of us who loved it, GREAT JOB and we wish you’d make a Warcraft movie with your in house CGI team.

The Pandaria Arms Warrior

I recently copied my warrior to the Mists beta and I’ve been trying it out. I spent a little time getting my keybinds etc sorted out and then queued for a dungeon as arms (dps). A few minutes later the queue popped and what followed was… a total treat. Such a total blast to play, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Being able to use all my abilities without stance dancing and stance penalties was amazing. My warrior felt light and effortless – more like a samurai than a slow armored juggernaut and I loved it. Arms is supposed to be the class of warriors who are extremely disciplined and skilled in the use of a single 2 handed weapon and it totally feels like it now.

And the numbers… I am sure they’ll be tweaked and adjusted several times before the beta ends but right now Arms hits hard. I was getting 180K executes by lining up my cooldowns. Take a look:

(Sorry about the Boss’s cast bar blocking the numbers somewhat, was too excited playing to hit PrtScr on time!)

With Dragon Roar, Whirlwind, Sweeping Strikes and Cleave all in the toolkit, AOE was no slouch either. Dragon Roar seemed to hit for 48 – 64K depending on procs and buffs and with a 1 minute cooldown, it is an awesome ability to use on packs of mobs. It was especially useful on the last boss when in the add phases, you need to burn down the adds quickly and being able to smash out 55Kish damage on each mob was awesome. That and thunderclap, cleave and whirlwind… sheer bliss!

On the subject of Thunderclap – the glyph of Thunder Strike adds lightning bolts to thunder clap and it looks like this…


Mists is looking like a fantastic time to be a warrior indeed!


Active mitigation for druids and square wonder bread

Over on wowinsider, Allison wrote a great post on how bears are looking in the beta.

Blizzard was very happy with the tanking model for death knights and is now bringing active mitigation to the other tanks too. I do not have beta access yet so my thoughts on this are based on what Blizzard itself has announced and what people with beta access have been saying. Disregard for the moment how threat is difficult for all tanks – Blizzard has said that tank damage is too low and they’re fixing it. That should remove the threat problem. What I want to talk about here is how the classes will flow and what the rotation/priority system will look like.

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