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PvP gearing revisited for Patch 5.0.4 and onward

I came across an excellent post on PVP Power and Resilience today, Eldacar’s Guide to PvP Power and Resilience.

The author does a great analysis of the value of adding resilience and the interplay of PvP Power and Resilience. I strongly recommend reading the entire post.

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5.0.4 and PvP gearing

It was a rude surprise for me when I logged in to find my PvP gear nerfed. All the Cataclysmic gear was nerfed from 397 to 384. Having Cataclysmic gear that I had to work for downgraded to raid finder level gear didn’t feel too nice. This is different from Cataclysmic gear becoming easier to get, this is about good gear being nerfed more than half a tier. I was at 153K health unbuffed, and post patch in the same gear I am 138K. My equipped ilvl was 402, it was now down to 389. So all in all, it didn’t feel nice. But what can you do, you have to adapt and roll with it.

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Rambling Rants – My journey to the dark side

I’ve been feeling the call of leveling on a PvP realm for a long time. I know many people who say they’ve tried it and did not like it. On the other hand I know some who don’t want to play at all unless it is on a PvP realm.


I started WoW in the end of Burning Crusade with a very good friend of mine and we both rolled hunters. It was the first time playing an MMO for the both of us. I rolled a night elf and he a dwarf. I made the run from Teldrassil to Dun Morogh to join up with him. We had wonderful adventures. We went into Deadmines at level as a group of two hunters and were amazed that “green level” mobs hit us so very hard and yellows were so damn hard to beat. We almost downed the first boss, or maybe we actually did. I just remember us trying to hard to drop the two bouncers outside his door before they killed us. We did not know that there were tanks in this game or that there were healers. We thought we’d take turns bandaging ourselves while the other fought. We stood far apart and tried to make the mobs run between us to give us a chance to heal up. When a mob started chasing us, we’d run from it so the other one could hit it – without knowing what it was, we learnt to kite. And that was where I started becoming aware of the beast that is aggro.

Outside the game, we cracked wife aggro jokes with our wives (who themselves are the very best friends with each other)  and they rolled their eyes at us.

I think back then you could use potions more than once in combat. Perhaps that is how we finally downed that first boss.

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Battleground Tactics – Strand of the Ancients

Battleground Tactics – Strand of the Ancients


Color returned to the world with a rush. She was in a massive courtyard. Down the hill on the right were the remains of a shattered golden gate where a moving battle raged, inching its way up the hill. Uphill on her left, on stairs leading to another set of doors raged a smaller skirmish.

There was shouting, explosions, smoke, the thrum of magic in the air which itself had a metallic taste to it… of fear. There were shadow priests in that scuffle somewhere. But above all this was the sound of heavy machinery, the stench of burning oil… she felt the very ground shuddering with the push of the heavy siege machinery.

Advancing “south” is confusing.

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Thunderpunting soundtrack!

Saw links to an awesome Korean pop music video making the rounds on twitter yesterday.

Have to share it here. This is awesome PVP music to thunderpunt to!

Not only does it make me want to play my female orc elemental shaman Bijli to, but it also makes me think of my two male belfs – Thunderspank and Thudnblunder and the trail of mayhem they can leave in a battleground to this music.

And now if you’ll excuse me… EEAAAYYY SEXAYY LAYDAYYY!

Battleground Tactics – Carrying the Flag

Thunder ran down the ramp of broken rock, the unwieldy alliance flag strapped over his back, over the grassy knoll towards the swiftly flowing stream. On the far bank he saw a night elf mage.

Long ago the night elves had cast out his people from amongst themselves for practicing magic. That set off a chain of events that had led his people from one betrayal to another. So many of his people had perished and it had all started with the Night Elves’ phobia of magic and distrust of magic users. Seeing his duplicitous long separated kin on the opposite bank infuriated him.

He dove into the stream.

The Night Elf caster, in the fine ranged military tradition of striking while the iron is bogged down in water, began to cast.

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Alterac Valley – A mishmash of thoughts

I’ve been very busy the last few days and have not had a chance to write the larger posts I want to.

That said, this weekend I have been going into AV on my level 74 elemental shaman though and I’ve had some, ahem, charged battles. I’m going to ignore the crushing defeats and instead dwell on our victories. 🙂

A very “charged” battle. Bijli is my elemental shaman. 🙂

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Battleground Tactics – Eye of the Storm

Thunderspank raced down the hill of shattered violet rock towards the smouldering remains of a Fel Reaver Contruct. Upon reaching the flagposts, he wheeled his mount around to scan the shattered battlefield. They almost had the Fel Reaver ruins secured. To the East, Horde flags were rising atop the hill at Blood Elf Tower, its alabaster walls gleaming in the surreal light of the shattered land. Across the chasm to the North and North East he could see the blue Alliance colors rising at the Mage Tower and Draenei Ruins.

Who needs bases? Its thunderpunt time!

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Tactical awareness in Arathi Basin

Generally speaking, the contribution an individual can make towards the success or failure of his team in a battleground is inversely proportional to the size of the battleground. What you do in a 10-man Warsong Gulch has a much bigger impact than what you do in a 40-man Alterac Valley or Isle of Conquest game.  Arathi Basin is one of the oldest battlegrounds in the game and one of my all-time favorite maps.

I will go over a few things you can do to maximize your impact in it.

Arathi Basin never gets old!

I am not going to go into specific battleground strategies in this post and instead I’ll point you to Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual. He has made some excellent posts on battleground strategies and you’ll definitely pick up a few things by going through them. His posts are so consistently good that they should be required reading for anyone getting into BGs.

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Transmog trap

I am geared well for PVP on my warrior. I do not have too much trouble dispatching all but the most persistent healers. This is not to say I’m “leet”, it just means I’ve acquired enough gear to stack the deck in my favor in most random battlegrounds.

So imagine my surprise when the last few battlegrounds I did, I found myself hitting like a wet noodle. It felt like all of a sudden everyone I was fighting was geared like a Blood DK in DS10 heroic tank gear. I wasn’t getting hit hard but I couldn’t hit hard enough to be of much use either. I had been playing alts so I thought it was just because I was out of my groove and in a few games I’d do better. Continue reading