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The Unhitable Tank

Last night my warlock on Illidan got high enough to queue for LFD and I started running some randoms. I had a fairly uneventful and smooth Wailing Caverns run. I then queued again and got Shadowfang Keep.

So we had a bear tank, a paladin healer, a hunter, a rogue and my warlock.

A round of hellos was exchanged and we got down to business.

From the very first pull, things seemed a little… strange. The very first trash pack… the tank ran to a mob, smacked it and then ran back to the healer. I didn’t think much of it. But then the second mob, up the stairs… he ran up, tagged it, ran over the railing and back to us. Odd… but we took the mob out no problem. This run in, tag, hit the mob and run back to group style of play went on and though as a dot caster I wasn’t too bothered, I could see the rogue getting a bit confused as he was trying to chase the mobs around as the tank bounced all over the room.

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Sticking up for the newbies!

Yesterday, I popped into LFR on Thunderspank as DPS. I only have PvE prot gear and my good set is my PvP set. Still, I figured it was more than enough for LFR. I was last in there months ago so I was fresh and cheerful.

I queued for the second half to try and get the 2H sword that everyone keeps raving about.

Zoning in, I don’t even bother to look at my raid frames to see what the tanks and healers are geared like because… I’m all bright eyed and bushy-tailed. This stuff was easy a long time ago. How bad could it be?

I am very quickly schooled.

After this, one of the tanks says “Oh damn! I didn’t know I was queued as a tank…”

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Battleground Tactics – Carrying the Flag

Thunder ran down the ramp of broken rock, the unwieldy alliance flag strapped over his back, over the grassy knoll towards the swiftly flowing stream. On the far bank he saw a night elf mage.

Long ago the night elves had cast out his people from amongst themselves for practicing magic. That set off a chain of events that had led his people from one betrayal to another. So many of his people had perished and it had all started with the Night Elves’ phobia of magic and distrust of magic users. Seeing his duplicitous long separated kin on the opposite bank infuriated him.

He dove into the stream.

The Night Elf caster, in the fine ranged military tradition of striking while the iron is bogged down in water, began to cast.

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Active mitigation for druids and square wonder bread

Over on wowinsider, Allison wrote a great post on how bears are looking in the beta.

Blizzard was very happy with the tanking model for death knights and is now bringing active mitigation to the other tanks too. I do not have beta access yet so my thoughts on this are based on what Blizzard itself has announced and what people with beta access have been saying. Disregard for the moment how threat is difficult for all tanks – Blizzard has said that tank damage is too low and they’re fixing it. That should remove the threat problem. What I want to talk about here is how the classes will flow and what the rotation/priority system will look like.

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Building a unified UI

Like most people new to WoW, I slowly (and painfully) came to discover what threat and dps meant. Once I did, it was like a lightbulb going off behind my eyes. I embarked on a mad dash to get all the amazing addons I could get my hands on, a veritable kid in a candy store. I started with Omen for threat, then got recount, then some map mods, an inventory mod, raid frames, loot mods, HUDs – you name it. And then had another awakening – my UI looked like I was driving a car with a windscreen caked in birdshit. Continue reading