Sticking up for the newbies!

Yesterday, I popped into LFR on Thunderspank as DPS. I only have PvE prot gear and my good set is my PvP set. Still, I figured it was more than enough for LFR. I was last in there months ago so I was fresh and cheerful.

I queued for the second half to try and get the 2H sword that everyone keeps raving about.

Zoning in, I don’t even bother to look at my raid frames to see what the tanks and healers are geared like because… I’m all bright eyed and bushy-tailed. This stuff was easy a long time ago. How bad could it be?

I am very quickly schooled.

After this, one of the tanks says “Oh damn! I didn’t know I was queued as a tank…”

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I am a rare spawn!

I’ve been playing my shaman pretty much exclusively the last few days, 74-80 in BGs in just this week. 🙂

So when I logged into my warrior and checked my mail, I saw a note from Navimie saying that she’d been over looking for me. I replied letting her know I’d been on my shaman and then for good measure, I added her to my friend’s list so I’d know if she popped back on.

Today when I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see her on and sent her a tell saying “Navi!”. Thanks to her post on our conversation, I now know I am a rare spawn!

I introduced her to Tacticus/Alamo my friend as well and we took some pictures near the Tol Barad portal in Orgrimmar. I’d wanted to take them in Tol Barad to wish her luck with her Fox Kit hunt but level 2’s can’t get in there. Hopefully she’ll have her Fox Kit before patch 5.0, if not, we can always do it then!

She then logged over to the real Navimie and we met up in Ragefire Chasm for some more pictures.

My ex-tauren blood elf warrior is puny next to these two!

Thank you for dropping by Navi! I am looking forward to running some battlegrounds in the near future!

Battleground Tactics – Carrying the Flag

Thunder ran down the ramp of broken rock, the unwieldy alliance flag strapped over his back, over the grassy knoll towards the swiftly flowing stream. On the far bank he saw a night elf mage.

Long ago the night elves had cast out his people from amongst themselves for practicing magic. That set off a chain of events that had led his people from one betrayal to another. So many of his people had perished and it had all started with the Night Elves’ phobia of magic and distrust of magic users. Seeing his duplicitous long separated kin on the opposite bank infuriated him.

He dove into the stream.

The Night Elf caster, in the fine ranged military tradition of striking while the iron is bogged down in water, began to cast.

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Alterac Valley – A mishmash of thoughts

I’ve been very busy the last few days and have not had a chance to write the larger posts I want to.

That said, this weekend I have been going into AV on my level 74 elemental shaman though and I’ve had some, ahem, charged battles. I’m going to ignore the crushing defeats and instead dwell on our victories. 🙂

A very “charged” battle. Bijli is my elemental shaman. 🙂

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Battleground Tactics – Eye of the Storm

Thunderspank raced down the hill of shattered violet rock towards the smouldering remains of a Fel Reaver Contruct. Upon reaching the flagposts, he wheeled his mount around to scan the shattered battlefield. They almost had the Fel Reaver ruins secured. To the East, Horde flags were rising atop the hill at Blood Elf Tower, its alabaster walls gleaming in the surreal light of the shattered land. Across the chasm to the North and North East he could see the blue Alliance colors rising at the Mage Tower and Draenei Ruins.

Who needs bases? Its thunderpunt time!

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Tactical awareness in Arathi Basin

Generally speaking, the contribution an individual can make towards the success or failure of his team in a battleground is inversely proportional to the size of the battleground. What you do in a 10-man Warsong Gulch has a much bigger impact than what you do in a 40-man Alterac Valley or Isle of Conquest game.  Arathi Basin is one of the oldest battlegrounds in the game and one of my all-time favorite maps.

I will go over a few things you can do to maximize your impact in it.

Arathi Basin never gets old!

I am not going to go into specific battleground strategies in this post and instead I’ll point you to Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual. He has made some excellent posts on battleground strategies and you’ll definitely pick up a few things by going through them. His posts are so consistently good that they should be required reading for anyone getting into BGs.

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Transmog trap

I am geared well for PVP on my warrior. I do not have too much trouble dispatching all but the most persistent healers. This is not to say I’m “leet”, it just means I’ve acquired enough gear to stack the deck in my favor in most random battlegrounds.

So imagine my surprise when the last few battlegrounds I did, I found myself hitting like a wet noodle. It felt like all of a sudden everyone I was fighting was geared like a Blood DK in DS10 heroic tank gear. I wasn’t getting hit hard but I couldn’t hit hard enough to be of much use either. I had been playing alts so I thought it was just because I was out of my groove and in a few games I’d do better. Continue reading

Eternal Optimism in BGs

Last night I had the pleasure of running a few battlegrounds with my guildies. There were four of us, we queued for randoms four times and we won all four. By all accounts, it was a very entertaining night.

In one of the battlegrounds, we had a healer clad only in a helm, shoulders, chest and gloves along with a weapon and shield. Of course he did not have any gems or enchants either but then item enhancements are not your biggest concerns when you’re missing entire pieces! Continue reading

The “M” enterprise hardware capability

I’ve been working the last two weeks on an intensive (more chaos than actual progress) project for preparing technology demos for company A who is trying to sell a large amount of hardware, software and services to Organization B.

I am an employee of neither, instead I’ve been roped in as a subject matter expert for this nebulous project. During this project, I’ve seen a plethora of problems, none really to do with technology, mostly to do with people.

People not using or changing IP addresses they should know well enough to not mess with, people pulling servers and blades out of racks while someone sitting in another room is trying to use them, someone walking over to a server and yanking out hard drives from a powered on system (too many boot drives, go figure) and so on.

Thinking about what is going on gave me an idea. It is an idea with its roots in technology that mankind has had for a while now. I propose this here in the interest of opening it to the world before a single greedy entity patents it and locks this wonderful technology behind its own product line.

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Diablo and WoW

Diablo has been out for about a week now and I don’t think I’ve played WoW at all in this time.

This is strange for me because I was expecting D3 to be a diversion for me until MoP and while long term I still think this is how it will shake out, for the short term D3’s draw is undeniable.

Just got done last night playing through normal on my Monk. The defensive abilities are great but I’d like to try something with more oomph at range now.

Two tips when playing Diablo.

  1. Hold shift down if you want to attack without moving
  2. Simply holding your mouse button down or clicking madly is functionally the same.

Have fun in sanctuary!