The Mists of Pandaria Cinematic trailer

The Mists trailer launched today. I wasn’t looking forward to it all that much and felt like “I’ll watch it whenever it comes out.” .

So this morning I logged in and went to check it out, and I loved it.

A few hours later, I’m already seeing posts and tweets from people who think that it is too cartoony or that its sexist and I think that’s crazy talk.

When I saw the video, I saw a really well animated and detailed orc and a human land on an island. I then saw them get into a fight and a pandaren intervened. The facial expressions are awesome, you can tell the team making the cinematic had fun with it. The pandaren thrashed both of them and then the excellent voice over during the panorama shot set things up nicely for the expansion. The graphics were top notch, the music rousing and the absence of a big bad boss and focus on exploring a new land and people refreshing.

In a game where a gnome tank can take on a tauren warrior and mages can turn people into sheep, I don’t know how this expansion is cartoony. In fact, the focus on internal conflict, exploration and facing demons of our own creation is more mature themes than we’ve had in the past. Will it take being mauled by a panda for these people to realize that pandas are not care bears? They’re BEARS. Their cousins have been tanking and flag carrying for you for three expansions now. You assume them to be cute and fluffy at your own peril.

And as for sexism in this trailer. I don’t know… I think some people just find what they’re looking for even if it is in no way implied or intended.

I’m male and perhaps I just don’t get it but to me it looks like Blizzard is equally accommodating to both genders. We have male and female quest givers, we have the ability to roll male and female toons. Stats for genders are also identical. I honestly wouldn’t feel any different had a female pandaren beaten the orc and human up. Thing is though, the pandaren is Chen Stormstout. As a “boss” he was going to win the fight. So if you’d had ladies from the alliance and horde take the spotlight, they too would get thrashed. And that opens its own can of worms. While many a feminist will ask for equal opportunity for women in all things, I don’t know many who’ll ask for equal opportunity for getting beaten up by a panda.

And if the trailer didn’t have females, it also didn’t have casters or any of the other races. Should every cinematic be so politically correct that the story they’re trying to tell takes second place?

That would be boring.

Awesome trailer Blizzard. It is just a shame how people can’t appreciate a good thing when its handed to them. From those of us who loved it, GREAT JOB and we wish you’d make a Warcraft movie with your in house CGI team.


Battleground Tactics – Strand of the Ancients

Battleground Tactics – Strand of the Ancients


Color returned to the world with a rush. She was in a massive courtyard. Down the hill on the right were the remains of a shattered golden gate where a moving battle raged, inching its way up the hill. Uphill on her left, on stairs leading to another set of doors raged a smaller skirmish.

There was shouting, explosions, smoke, the thrum of magic in the air which itself had a metallic taste to it… of fear. There were shadow priests in that scuffle somewhere. But above all this was the sound of heavy machinery, the stench of burning oil… she felt the very ground shuddering with the push of the heavy siege machinery.

Advancing “south” is confusing.

No longer in the void, with her senses reengaging, she tried to get her bearings and find her friends. Continue reading

Thunderpunting soundtrack!

Saw links to an awesome Korean pop music video making the rounds on twitter yesterday.

Have to share it here. This is awesome PVP music to thunderpunt to!

Not only does it make me want to play my female orc elemental shaman Bijli to, but it also makes me think of my two male belfs – Thunderspank and Thudnblunder and the trail of mayhem they can leave in a battleground to this music.

And now if you’ll excuse me… EEAAAYYY SEXAYY LAYDAYYY!

Sticking up for the newbies!

Yesterday, I popped into LFR on Thunderspank as DPS. I only have PvE prot gear and my good set is my PvP set. Still, I figured it was more than enough for LFR. I was last in there months ago so I was fresh and cheerful.

I queued for the second half to try and get the 2H sword that everyone keeps raving about.

Zoning in, I don’t even bother to look at my raid frames to see what the tanks and healers are geared like because… I’m all bright eyed and bushy-tailed. This stuff was easy a long time ago. How bad could it be?

I am very quickly schooled.

After this, one of the tanks says “Oh damn! I didn’t know I was queued as a tank…”

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I am a rare spawn!

I’ve been playing my shaman pretty much exclusively the last few days, 74-80 in BGs in just this week. 🙂

So when I logged into my warrior and checked my mail, I saw a note from Navimie saying that she’d been over looking for me. I replied letting her know I’d been on my shaman and then for good measure, I added her to my friend’s list so I’d know if she popped back on.

Today when I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see her on and sent her a tell saying “Navi!”. Thanks to her post on our conversation, I now know I am a rare spawn!

I introduced her to Tacticus/Alamo my friend as well and we took some pictures near the Tol Barad portal in Orgrimmar. I’d wanted to take them in Tol Barad to wish her luck with her Fox Kit hunt but level 2’s can’t get in there. Hopefully she’ll have her Fox Kit before patch 5.0, if not, we can always do it then!

She then logged over to the real Navimie and we met up in Ragefire Chasm for some more pictures.

My ex-tauren blood elf warrior is puny next to these two!

Thank you for dropping by Navi! I am looking forward to running some battlegrounds in the near future!

Battleground Tactics – Carrying the Flag

Thunder ran down the ramp of broken rock, the unwieldy alliance flag strapped over his back, over the grassy knoll towards the swiftly flowing stream. On the far bank he saw a night elf mage.

Long ago the night elves had cast out his people from amongst themselves for practicing magic. That set off a chain of events that had led his people from one betrayal to another. So many of his people had perished and it had all started with the Night Elves’ phobia of magic and distrust of magic users. Seeing his duplicitous long separated kin on the opposite bank infuriated him.

He dove into the stream.

The Night Elf caster, in the fine ranged military tradition of striking while the iron is bogged down in water, began to cast.

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Alterac Valley – A mishmash of thoughts

I’ve been very busy the last few days and have not had a chance to write the larger posts I want to.

That said, this weekend I have been going into AV on my level 74 elemental shaman though and I’ve had some, ahem, charged battles. I’m going to ignore the crushing defeats and instead dwell on our victories. 🙂

A very “charged” battle. Bijli is my elemental shaman. 🙂

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